Jewish Family Service's Ways to Work Recognized as Most Outstanding New Program at Walmart Performance Awards Dinner

Annual Ways to Work Institute in Milwaukee, WI

At this year’s Walmart Performance Awards Dinner, Jewish Family Service’s Ways to Work program was recognized with the Most Outstanding New Program award and $11,000 in total grants. Ways to Work provides low-interest car loans and education to credit-challenged, working families. The program allows for families to have a better quality of life and to become more independent by obtaining a car and rebuilding their credit.

Ways to Work (WtW) is a unique Community Development Financial Institution. Through a network of loan offices across the country, WtW provides financial education and small, short-term, low-interest car loans to working families with challenging credit histories.

Families that must rely on public transportation can spend many hours each day commuting between school, daycare, work, and home. The loan program, funded by United Way and Walmart, not only strives to improve family situations, but also to promote financial literacy and long-term stability. Among responding borrowers, 47% have increased their incomes, with 35% increasing their income by at least 10%.

Jewish Family Service was recognized with this award for being among the newest partner agencies to run the Ways to Work program, achieving the maximum loan volume compared to other Ways to Work loan offices, and achieving a portfolio quality of less than 22% for delinquency.

Click here for more information on the Ways to Work program.


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