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If you would still like to be involved, you are more than welcome to provide items for our holiday shop. The holiday shop is a place where we keep additional items for families that need to be embraced after the deadline has passed. Care managers can come to the shop and select items for their additional client families.

It is a great way to provide gifts for people in need, even if they are not going to a specific family. Thank you again for participating in this wonderful program, and ensuring all of our clients have a joyous holiday season!

Making the Holiday Season a Little Brighter

Each year, we invite members of our community to Embrace-a-Family by giving gifts to a family in need in our community. Many of our Embrace-a-Family recipients wouldn’t have a Hanukkah or Christmas celebration without the support of caring people like you. This is a great way to get your children, friends, or colleagues involved in making the holidays a little brighter for a family in need.


Donation Drop-off

Items can be dropped off at the JFS storage facility on December 10th. We will email you with location and details as we get closer to the drop-off date.

Donate Gifts or Gift Certificates

Even if you can’t embrace a family, you can still participate! Donate new toys, other gifts, and/or gift certificates. Cash donations are also greatly appreciated for last minute gift purchases.

Unwrapped gifts, please

We request unwrapped gifts so parents can be included in the gift giving process. You are welcome to wrap gifts for households of one or those without children. Please consider including wrapping paper so parents can wrap the gifts for their children. We believe in dignity above all else and the holiday season can be challenging for many. Please help us preserve dignity and allow families to celebrate together. 

For more information or if you have any questions, please reach out to our Volunteer Engagement team by contacting them at  (858) 637-3242 or embrace@jfssd.org.


Confidentiality and Meeting the Families

JFS strives to give our clients the dignity and confidentiality they deserve.In order to protect the confidentiality of our Embrace-A-Family recipients, we keep their names and contact information private. And we are unable to arrange meetings between families and their embracers.

We recognize the disconnect this can often cause for the children who are excited to know more about the family that are embracing. In order to keep the Embrace-a-Family Program meaningful for your children, we recommend going through the wish list(s) you receive upon becoming an embracer. Go through the ages and genders of the family members and ask your children to draw a picture of what the family looks like. This is a good opportunity to teach your children about the Jewish values of tikkun olam and tzedakah, while preserving the dignity of participating families.

Thank you for your support and respecting the privacy of our clients.


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