Moving Forward Together

Positive Parenting During Uncertain Times

Positive Parenting in Uncertain Times graphic

Date: Wednesday, June 24

Margo Gonzalez, Lead Parent Educator, Jewish Family Service
Julio Ramos, Parent Educator, Jewish Family Service
Jennifer Martin, Military Family Specialist, Jewish Family Service

Autumn Weidman, Director of Positive Parenting Program, Jewish Family Service

With schools closed, social distancing practices in place, and an order to stay at home, many children are left feeling confused during the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents are also faced with new roles at home where they must balance the demands of working and parenting in close quarters. Finding support and effective techniques to manage stress is now more critical than ever for the wellbeing of families in our community.

This Community Conversation features our team of Positive Parenting educators and will focus on finding positive strategies for maintaining a healthy family life during quarantine, managing challenging behaviors, and helping our children cope during these difficult times.

About Positive Parenting Program (PPP): The Positive Parenting Program (PPP) is a children’s prevention and early intervention mental health program at Jewish Family Service, funded by the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency. The Positive Parenting Program works with parents of young children throughout San Diego County to prevent behavioral and emotional concerns in their children, using Triple P, and evidence-based parenting curriculum that uses simple, practical, and powerful strategies to strengthen families.