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Intern with Jewish Family Service

Jewish Family Service (JFS) is proud to be the training ground for academic, clinical, and non-clinical interns.

Known as one of the premier placement sites for social work and counseling interns, JFS takes pride in hosting and training dedicated interns across the region. JFS is a great place to apply newly acquired knowledge, gain valuable experience, and make a meaningful impact in our community. Please consider joining our intern team!

Please note that clinical internship positions fill up quickly with many of our applicants directly referred from academic institutions. Additionally, our non-clinical internships are seasonal.

Please contact us by emailing [email protected]

Aging & Wellness Services Internships

The Aging & Wellness Division supports programs geared to support older adults in Social & Wellness Centers, Nutrition Services, Fix-It, and On the Go. Interns work within these programs to ensure our older adults live in a safe, active, and healthy environment while maintaining their independence. Internship roles include programmatic and administrative support.


Geriatric Care Management Internships

This home-based care management program serves older adults, assisting and aiding our clients to age in place or help find appropriate living arrangements. JFS works with older adults and their families to develop a detailed plan of care, including recommendations and referrals. Internships include roles, such as case aides and programmatic support.


Parenting & Youth Services Internships

Parenting and Youth Services strive to ensure that San Diego families are connected to positive parent education, mentorship, and support for family life issues at all ages and stages. Whether you’re a new parent, a single parent, or a parent of an adolescent, our programs are designed to strengthen you, your family, and the community. Internships include roles, such as Child Activity Helpers, programmatic and administrative support.

All academic interns are encouraged to apply through their schools before soliciting placement with JFS. Please note that many internships are filled by early summer. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected], indicating the department of interest and providing your resume and cover letter.

To apply, please provide your resume and specify your school’s internship requirements, including:

  • start and end dates
  • number of hours per week
  • extended school breaks
  • and if applicable, supervision requirements, such as format allowed, (individual, group, or both), who can supervise (MSW, must be licensed, etc), and how many hours per week you need supervision

Current Internships

JFS Internship

Master of Social Work – Case Manager

This position will coordinate care for individuals within JFS and beyond, assist clients in navigating resource systems, and break down services to manageable goals to establish patterns of success.

Bachelor of Social Work Internship – Safe Parking Program

The Safe Parking Program supports families & individuals living in their cars find safety and support with the overall goal of long-term housing stability. The BSW Intern is responsible for providing advocacy, information and referrals for participants within the Safe Parking Program.