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Refugees & Immigration

Welcoming the Stranger with dignity and respect since 1918.

Your gift to JFS’s Welcome the Stranger Fund ensures San Diego remains a welcoming place for those in search of a safer life—free from violence and persecution. Your support makes our vital humanitarian response possible—empowering refugees to rebuild their lives and welcoming immigrants with compassion.

The invasion of Ukraine has resulted in a humanitarian crisis in a region already overwhelmed by internally displaced people, refugees, and asylum seekers. We anticipate the increased number of Eastern Europeans coming through our shelter will continue, as seeking asylum at the southern border is the only option available to many in the short-term. In the coming days as the plight of Ukrainians and other Eastern Europeans continues to unfold – among many other conflicts and humanitarian crises across the world – Jewish Family Service of San Diego stands at the ready to Welcome the Stranger.

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Affirmative Immigration Legal Services Program (AS)

Free legal services to lower-income individuals living in the San Diego area seeking to obtain certain types of immigration benefits for themselves or their family members living in the United States.



Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Education and assistance with applications and DACA renewals.



Higher Education Legal Services (HELS)

JFS Immigration Attorneys and Department of Justice Representatives are available to offer personalized Immigration Legal Services to students, staff, and faculty at selected local colleges.




Assistance with green cards, immigration documents, citizenship and naturalization classes and petitioning for family members.



Migrant Shelter Services

San Diego Rapid Response Network Migrant Shelter Services operated by Jewish Family Service provides vital humanitarian services and transportation assistance to families legally seeking asylum in the United States.



Refugee Resettlement

Comprehensive services for newly arriving refugees referred by the US Refugee Program.