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Recite Me Accessibility Tools

At any time, exit from Recite Me by clicking on the red “X” in the top right corner of the Recite Me toolbar.

A Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Through Accessibility

Jewish Family Service is helping more of our neighbors access critical information on our website with the accessibility tool called Recite Me. For people with varying visual abilities, non-English speakers, and people who have difficulty reading text on a screen, Recite Me will help you access, view, and use our web pages in a way that works best for you. 1 in 4 people in the US have a disability, including dyslexia and sight loss, and 1 in 5 people in the US speak a language other than English at home. We’ve added the Recite Me toolbar to our website to increase accessibility and inclusivity for as many people as possible.


How do I open Recite Me?

Access the Recite Me toolbar by clicking the launch button at the top of this page or Accessibility Tools in the top menu on every page of the website. The toolbar displays a range of different options for customizing the way the website looks and ways in which you can access the content. Below is a quick reference guide, or you can explore the full set of possibilities in the Recite Me User Guide.

Learn more about these functions: Translation, Screen Reader, Reading, Styling, and How to Exit.

Translation Function

  • Translate text on-demand in over 100 languages, including 35 text to speech voices.

Screen Reader Functions

  • Read aloud in 35 different languages options in a natural voice.
  • Control the speed or highlight word by word.
  • Download an MP3 to listen to content offline.
  • Back: Rewind to the previous paragraph of text.
  • Play: Click the play button to read the text aloud.
  • Forward: Skip forward to the next paragraph of text.
  • Download Audio: Highlight the text and download as audio file.

Activate the Screen Reader by clicking on the green icons to play, skip backward a paragraph, or skip forward a paragraph. Alternatively, when you hover over any block of text, the Screen Reader options will appear, and the Screen Reader will automatically read the selected text. (You can change these defaults in the Settings menu).

Reading Functions

  • Ruler: Read line by line limiting distractions.
  • Margins: Adjust margins to position text. The Margins option will only appear on your task bar if the Plain Text option is on as well.
  • Reading Mask: Mask away 90% of the website, leaving only the information you want to concentrate on.
  • Dictionary: Access a fully integrated dictionary and thesaurus. Highlight the word you want to know the definition of, and it will automatically search. Highlight the word you want to know the definition of, and it will automatically search.
  • Plain Text: All styling is stripped away leaving text only.
  • Magnifier: Zoom in to make text appear larger. Use the handle of the magnifying glass to move it around. Use the handle of the magnifying glass to see the text larger.

Styling Functions

  • Decrease: Make the text size smaller.
  • Font: Change the font, including Open-Dyslexic.
  • Increase: Make the text size larger.
  • Color: Change the background, text, and link colors.
  • Plain Text: Removes images leaving text only.

Other Options

  • Settings: Adjust your Recite Me settings.
  • Reset: Restore the default settings.
  • User Guide: Open the Recite Me Complete User Guide.

Turn Off Recite Me

At any time, exit from Recite Me by click on the “X” in the top right corner.

And More!

In addition to these examples we’ve highlighted here, you can visit the Recite Me User Guide to read about all of the different customization options and how to apply them when you read our website. If you have any questions about the new Recite Me tools on our website you can email us at [email protected] .


Why Recite Me?

JFS is committed to inclusion through accessibility. As Jewish Family Service continues to strive for increased diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility throughout our community, we believe Recite Me is a key step in making our website more accessible and easy to use. Moving Forward Together!