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Moving Forward Together

JFS Friendly Match

When getting out becomes a challenge, we bring community to your door.

JFS Friendly Match Program matches older adults with caring volunteers who offer companionship and a steady connection to the community through weekly in-home visits. We strive to create a mutually enriching experience, believing that two people enjoying each other’s company lifts the spirits of both.

Take the Next Step

For more information or to become a Client or Volunteer call (858) 637-3210

Existing JFS Clients and Volunteers call (858) 637-3277

“It no longer really feels like volunteering, with the exception that I come once a week on a regular schedule. Other than that, it just feels like meeting a good friend.”

What You Can Expect

We start by getting to know you.

Matches are made based on shared interests, hobbies, and location. We begin with an in-home assessment to get to know you. Then, we get to work identifying, screening and training your volunteer match.


We personally match you with a volunteer.

Once we’ve identified a potential match, we’ll contact you to schedule an introduction. Then, we’ll all meet together in your home to ensure a good fit and to address any questions.

You determine how your friendship grows.

While social interaction is at the center of each visit, volunteers can also help with little things like preparing a snack, running errands, and paperwork.


Connect to more help when you need it.

Friendly Match visitors aren’t housekeepers or caregivers, but they can connect you to other JFS services designed to meet these needs.

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