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UCSD – The Department of Urban Studies and Planning Evaluation of Jewish Family Service of San Diego’s Safe Parking Program

January 2022

In 2019, researchers from UC San Diego’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning began a three-year evaluation of our Safe Parking Program to answer our biggest question: Is the SPP model effective in stopping the downward spiral of homelessness? The report on the first two years of research explains more about our Safe Parking Program model and what we can do to help even more of our unsheltered neighbors get back into stable housing.


Blueprint for Impact: JFS Strategic Plan 2020 and Moving Forward

JFS’s new Blueprint for Impact will guide our organization through the next few years as we adapt and evolve to make a more profound impact in our community.


Press Releases

Aug 16 2022

ACLU, Jewish Family Service, UCLA Center for Immigration Law and Policy Send Letter to Secretary Mayorkas Raising Concerns Over Continued Family Separations, Calling for Justice for Separated Family.

Aug 11 2022

For the thousands of people looking for protection while they seek asylum, Jewish Family Service of San Diego (JFS) hopes that the Department of Homeland Security’s ending of the unlawful and cruel “Migrant Protection Protocols” (MPP, also known as “Remain in Mexico” policy) is the catalyst to many more actions to rebuild our immigration system into one that welcomes with compassion, safety, dignity and equity.

Jun 30 2022

Today’s Supreme Court ruling allowing the termination of the unlawful and cruel “Migrant Protection Protocols” (MPP, also known as “Remain in Mexico” policy) is a welcome relief. The Biden Administration must now take immediate action to end this devastating program.

Jun 27 2022

The San Diego City Council voted unanimously on Monday to approve Mayor Todd Gloria’s proposal to extend operations at one of the City’s Safe Parking lots to 24 hours, allowing for expanded opportunity for residents experiencing homelessness not only to safely live out of their vehicles, but also to access services and get on a path to housing.

In the News

Aug 16 2022

The San Diego Union-Tribune

A Salvadoran mother was separated from her children at the border earlier this year in a case that legal advocates say illustrates the way border policies continue to cause trauma under the Biden administration. Lucy, who is not being fully identified because of family members still in danger, said that a Border Patrol agent attacked her when she was apprehended in the Imperial Valley desert. But the agent instead claimed she had assaulted him, and he pushed for a felony prosecution. Because she was being charged with a crime, she was separated from her children. Though the prosecutor later dropped the charges against her, it was too late for Lucy and her family — they had already been split apart.

Aug 14 2022

The San Diego Union-Tribune

One to three people per day are being removed from Migrant Protection Protocols or MPP which required asylum seekers to wait in Tijuana for their U.S. immigration court cases. The MPP enrollees cross the border and end up at the San Diego Rapid Response Network Migrant Shelter operated by Jewish Family Service of San Diego, where they are tested for COVID-19 before getting help traveling to their final destinations around the country.

Jul 23 2022

Central Recorder

Each year, thousands of migrants cross the border to Mexico each year in hopes of crossing. The U.S. courts have maintained the majority of Trump’s intensified border policies since March 2020. Contrary to Biden’s campaign promises, little has changed since his inauguration in January 2021, and some anti-immigration programs have been expanded under his watch. And despite a June 30 ruling by the Supreme Court in favor of reversing one of these policies forcing migrants awaiting asylum hearings to stay in Mexico, the White House’s ongoing implementation of others means the court’s decision is, for the time being, little more than symbolic. Border towns like Matamoros, Reynosa, and Ciudad Juárez — which are overrun by ubiquitous and particularly ruthless gangs — can be perilous places for anyone, let alone those who have fled their homelands carrying little more than a backpack. This is particularly true for pregnant women.