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Black Women’s Resilience Project



The goal of the Black Women’s Resilience Project (BWRP) is to support and advance culturally relevant strategies to shift human services delivery models for Black women facing the violence of poverty. Through this program, we seek to understand the racial and ethnic experience of poverty as a social construct, rather than a character deficit, and actively develop solutions to eliminate it. By providing a base of income and a supportive network of community-based resources, we will create an environment for individual self-determination and communal participation, and study those impacts on participants’ socioeconomic health.

In addition to receiving guaranteed income, families will identify and participate in programs and services from local providers that are designed to maximize the receipt of guaranteed income.

Research & Evaluation

BWRP will deploy participatory action research to measure the domains of self-efficacy, community efficacy, mental health, and economic security. Program participants will be provided the opportunity to co-design and provide feedback on programs and services in an iterative cycle. We will deploy a mixed-methods evaluation, capturing both qualitative and quantitative data to assess the impact of targeted programming paired with guaranteed income on the socioeconomic mobility of Black women and their families.

We are not currently taking new applications.

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