Moving Forward Together

Our Stories

Meet some of the people who inspire us every day.

These are real accounts of courage, resourcefulness, and hope—qualities shared by so many of our clients who are working hard to accomplish their goals and move forward.


“An Important Time to Express Our Humanity:” Family of JFS Volunteers Reflect on Giving Back During COVID-19

Even though volunteering is different during COVID-19, the Jarvis family has discovered the joys of giving back.

Crystal & Kellan’s Safe Parking Program Story

Crystal, Kellan, and their two kids were homeless for years. The Safe Parking Program helped them find stable housing.

Loretta’s Safe Parking Program Story

After leaving an abusive marriage, Loretta found safety and a sense of community in the Safe Parking Program.

How a Holocaust Survivor Found Her Voice

The Life Lessons Project is documenting the experiences and memories of 44 Holocaust Survivors living in San Diego.

Joann & Golan: How Strangers Became Best Friends at JFS

Despite being 50 years apart, Golan has brought warmth and adventure into Joann’s life as she battles cancer.

Bill’s Story: “I Would Not Be Alive Without You”

A fixed income and the cost of living make it difficult for Bill to cover household expenses. That’s where we come in.

From a Homeless Shelter to a House of Their Own

A family is reunited through the JFS Desert Vista Permanent Supportive Housing program.

Finding Home – Zockie’s Story

Issues like homelessness can feel bigger than any one of us. Learn how we are working together to help families establish the foundations they can build on.

Eliminating Food Waste in San Diego

Meet the industrious high schooler behind the gleaning project at JFS.

Business grad. Forward thinker. DREAMer.

For Alan, it’s all about building a better future for his family.

Partnering to Stop the Spiral of Homelessness

A life-changing partnership with Dreams for Change.

The 88-year-old Bar Mitzvah

75 years after his 13th birthday, we celebrated with Lazar at the Balboa Avenue Older Adults Center.

George Wise and Louis Vener

A Friendship Built On Service

Learn how volunteers Louis and George are helping to shape the future of our community for generations to come

Lessons from Six Years as a Jewish Big Pal

There is no manual for growing up. But sometimes a dedicated mentor is even better.

Bringing a Taste of Home to San Diego Seniors

To leave your homeland in search of a better life is to embark on a challenging journey marked by anxiety, sacrifice, and hard work.


JFS Heart & Soul Gala 2022: Providing Critical Services — Team JFS Perspective

Every day, the JFS Team helps individuals and families access critical services.

On her birthday, Carol Anne left us a voice message…

Carol Anne, who receives home-delivered healthy meals through JFS’s Foodmobile, left us a heartfelt message last week on her birthday. We would like to share it with you…

There Is An Amazing Story Behind This Photo

Meet Maria and her best friend in this heartwarming story from SDRRN.

Meet Jayson & Yolanda

Families are still turning to JFS for assistance every day – many for the first time. Meet one of these families.

Ruth’s Poem: JFS Thank You

Please take a moment to enjoy Ruth reading her heartwarming poem entitled JFS — Thank You.

Listen to Briseida, A JFS Client

Briseida, a JFS client, was recently released from the Otay Mesa ICE Detention Facility, where over 200 people have tested positive for COVID-19.

Thank You Call From A Senior Who Received Home-delivered Meals

Every week, we deliver an average of 30,000 meals to isolated older adults.

Meet Marta, a DACA Recipient

There are more than 700,000 DACA recipients in the United States. We would like you to meet one.

Unlocking Memories with the Power of Music

See how Music & Memory uses music to connect persons living with dementia to happy memories and positive feelings.


Amie spent time in our Safe Parking Program where she discovered supportive services and a community that made a huge difference in her efforts to get back into permanent housing.

Nadja’s Story

After many years of involvement as a JFS Board Member, Nadja Kauder reflects on the ways that the agency’s Balboa Avenue Older Adult Center has become a source of support for her and her husband, Manny, now living with Alzheimer’s.