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Donna & John Appreciate the Balboa Avenue Older Adults Center (BAOAC)

John, a retired marketing executive, was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment about two years ago.

“Before we started coming to JFS,” said Donna, “my husband John was much less active—much less engaged. I often found him back in bed or sleeping on the couch in the middle of the day. Sometimes he would just watch TV for hours on end. JFS’s Balboa Avenue Older Adult Center provides a variety of activities to keep him interested, and he really enjoys himself.”

“They have a great program,” said John, “and there’s never a dull moment!”

“JFS offers four hours of active interaction and stimulation that he needs,” Donna added. “It also gives me a break during the day so I can get a few things done for myself without worrying about leaving John alone.”

Donna and John have been married for 57 years and have six children. Over the last year and a half, they have brought several members of their family to JFS to share the experience, including their grandson Francis, who especially enjoyed the chocolate gold coins traditionally given to children during Hanukkah.

“I love watching John on the dance floor again or up at the microphone singing popular standards from the old days,” said Donna. “It brings back all kinds of memories. I try to arrive 15 minutes early to pick him up because I enjoy the musical programs too. We’ll go out and dance with everyone and join hands. It’s so great to see him connecting with people again!”

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