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Breaking Down Barriers

Raise your voice. End the stigma.

Breaking Down Barriers is an outreach program that works with underserved communities to talk about mental wellness. Through educational presentations and events, we discuss the stigma of mental health and connect participants to helpful resources. We also do cultural competency training to community members that work with these diverse populations. We want to normalize conversations about mental wellness so everyone can thrive.

This is strictly an educational program and we do not provide diagnoses or serve as licensed therapists.

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What We Do

Every community has a different perspective on mental wellness. That’s why our culturally sensitive Outreach Team reflects the diversity of San Diego. We’re here to amplify your voice and add our expertise to the conversations already happening in your community. Our empowering events use a strengths-based approach to help you develop a positive relationship with your own mental health and support the wellness of your loved ones.

We can talk about:

  • Depression
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety
  • Substance Use
  • Supporting Friends and Family
  • Topics Can Be Tailored to Fit Your Needs

How We Do It

There’s no shortage of engaging ways to talk about mental wellness. Our Outreach Team organizes community events, group presentations, cultural sensitivity trainings, and many other opportunities to cultivate conversation. No matter your current knowledge of mental health topics, our program is accessible for everyone and is tailored to reflect the values of your unique community. Our events focus on:

  • Identifying the common signs of mental health challenges
  • Engaging in positive conversations about mental wellness
  • Connecting to helpful resources in your community
  • Supporting the wellbeing of your friends, family, and peers

1 in 5
adults in the U.S. experience mental health issues in any given year*

*National Alliance on Mental Illness

Meet the Team

Fernando Parra Chong

Fernando Parra Chong is the Outreach Coordinator for the Latino Community. He is passionate about community organizing, mental health, and public education. Apart from work, Fernando enjoys creating music and spending time with his family.

Gabriela Masuda

Gabriela Masuda is the Outreach Coordinator for the Asian Pacific Islander Community. She is passionate about mental health, women’s empowerment, and creativity as a form of healing. Outside of work Gabriela enjoys running her own calligraphy business, thrifting, and finding the best food spots in the city.

Lily Mojdehi

Lily Mojdehi is the Outreach Coordinator for the Middle Eastern Community. She is passionate about mental health, racial justice and youth engagement. Lily enjoys dancing, being in nature and volunteering throughout San Diego County.

Marcia Hunter

Marcia Hunter is the Outreach Coordinator for the Native American Community. She has a background in community engagement, mental health, and data analysis. Outside of work, Marcia enjoys traveling with her family and exploring national parks.

Noun Abdelaziz

Noun Abdelaziz is the Outreach Coordinator for the African Refugee Community. Her expertise lies in youth engagement, mental health, and public health advocacy. Outside of work, Noun enjoys gardening, being around family, and traveling.

Spshelle Rutledge

Spshelle Rutledge is the Outreach Coordinator for the African American/Black Community. She specializes in mental health, international health, and community health. Outside of work, Spshelle enjoys traveling and volunteering throughout San Diego.

Vanessa Pineda

Vanessa Pineda is the Outreach Manager and the Outreach Coordinator for the LGBTQ + Community. She has a background in mental health, vocational rehabilitation, and is part of the LGBTQ+ community. When not at work, she enjoys arranging flowers, tending her house plants, and baking.

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Moving Forward Together

A program of Jewish Family Service, funded by the County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency.