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Pregnant, Post-Partum, & Nursing Advocacy

Mother’s Day Action

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, CILP at UCLA, JFS San Diego, ACLU, and ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties have launched a petition to urge CBP to limit its detention of pregnant/postpartum/nursing individuals and their families to the time necessary to process them for release to their networks of care (no more than 12 hours). This would help prevent traumatic experiences like those of mothers who have been forced to give birth under unsafe conditions and those who have experienced other medical emergencies while in custody. This would also bring CBP policy in line with ICE’s policy of presumptively not detaining pregnant/postpartum/nursing individuals.

We invite you and your organizations to join us by (1) signing the petition and encouraging others to do the same; and (2) posting to social media in the lead-up to Mother’s Day by sharing our social media posts and creating your own using this social media toolkit. We hope to deliver the petition to the CBP Commissioner with as many signatures as possible on Friday May 10. Quick links below:


UCLA CILP Mothers Day Video

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Spanish Subtitles