Moving Forward Together

Hand Up Loan

Interest-Free Loans for Business and Personal Needs

Where most lenders focus on risk, we focus on what you’re trying to accomplish for your family and future.

When a financial barrier affects your ability to maintain steady employment, housing, or transportation, removing that obstacle can be life-changing. Our Hand Up Loan program helps individuals and families in San Diego County access interest-free loans, so they can advance toward a more secure and financially independent future.

Take the Next Step

“While I was deployed, my wife’s car broke down. In San Diego, you need a car and she needed to repair it quickly to get to work and drive our kids to school. This loan was a lifesaver—we were able to fix the car without risking my wife’s job or disrupting our kid’s activities.”

Our Approach to Lending

We prioritize requests that signal a clear step toward long-term stability, and we work with applicants on budgeting and credit counseling to ensure they can stay on top of their repayment plan. Applicants agree to a maximum repayment term of 36 months and are encouraged to make monthly ACH (automatic electronic) payments.

The types of loans we typically can support include:

  • Education (maximum $7,500)
  • Car repairs (maximum $3,000)
  • Car purchase (maximum $7,500)
  • Resettlement (maximum $3,000)
  • Medical or dental care (maximum $3,000)
  • Small business loans (maximum $7,500)

What You’ll Need to Apply

  • Proof of San Diego County residency
  • Proof of employment or source of income (SSI and disability are acceptable)
  • Proof of need for a loan (i.e. tuition bill, medical bill, estimate for cost of vehicle or home repair, etc.)
  • One co-signer for loans up to $3,000 and two co-signers for loans greater than $3,000. (Co-signers must reside in California and have a FICO score in the high 600s.)