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10 Reasons Older San Diegans Love Using OTG Navigator

In a sprawling region like San Diego, reliable personal transportation is fundamental to individual well-being. Yet nearly 1 in 4 older adults reports trouble getting places with more than 33% reducing their travel due to health or physical problems.

In 2005, On the Go was launched with a single employee and two volunteer drivers. The service focused mostly on helping older adults get to medical appointments and run basic errands. Today, On the Go has six transportation options under its umbrella and provides over 40,000 rides per year.

In 2017, through the generosity of The San Diego Foundation, and in partnership with Lyft, On the Go Navigator was born to bridge the technology gap for seniors, who are less apt to use smart phones but can nevertheless benefit from the convenience of ride-sharing apps. Using Lyft-based GPS technology, On the Go reservationists coordinate door-to-door transportation on behalf of older riders and follow each ride in real-time, communicating with the driver as needed.

Here are some of the reasons our riders love On the Go Navigator.

10) No Smart Phone needed –  Many older adults have not transitioned into a Smart Phone. Navigator is here to bring Lyft to their front door.

9) Service “On Demand” – When riders call On the Go: Navigator, we can arrange to have a driver to their location within minutes.

8) Splash around in the pool – Beryl  stopped driving years ago, but she hasn’t stopped exercising. Navigator gets her to her aqua-aerobics class every week.

7) Shop for groceries – Lucille recently broke her hip and she needs rides to the grocery store while she is healing. Lyft arrives every Wednesday at 10:00 AM and takes her to do all of her grocery shopping.

6) Stretch at Physical Therapy – Janice  never knows what time her PT will end at Scripps Hospital. When her appointment is over, her PT office calls On the Go and a Lyft driver picks her up in a couple of minutes and brings her safely home.

5) Bend your brain at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute – A last minute change of plans freed Alan up to attend his favorite class at Osher on the UCSD campus. Even without planning, Navigator got him there before class started.

4) Visit someone you love – Rose Marie’s husband was recuperating from illness at a care center.  Having spent very little time apart, Rose Marie wasn’t about to let physical distance separate her from her spouse. She used Navigator to see him every day for a week until he was strong enough to come home.

3) Get that tooth fixed – Nancy  cracked a tooth and needed to get to the dentist pronto. Navigator got her there before dinner and before the pain started.

2) Kitty needs a vet – Cats don’t time their illnesses. Precious needed to see the vet and Jen got her there when she called Navigator for a ride.

1) Keeping up with the Millenials – Computer classes at San Diego City College allow rider Magdalena to keep her technology know how up to par.

While older adult transportation services are not new, many require advanced booking sometimes more than a week. With On the Go Navigator, rides can be booked within an hour, making it a game-changer for riders ages 60 and up. To learn more about On the Go, or to book your first ride, visit www.jfssd.org/otg.

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