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From Leftovers to Lunch: Food Rescue at JFS

Every night, JFS volunteers rescue 200 pounds of pre-packaged Starbucks food from going to waste. That translates to 1,120 meals that would’ve ended up in the trash each week. The rescued sandwiches, salads, meal boxes, and snacks are all perfectly fresh. The only problem? They didn’t sell in stores. Now the leftovers of 32 Starbucks locations across the County are providing nutritious, filling meals for hungry San Diegans.

The majority of items collected in our food rescue program directly benefit JFS clients, such as individuals and families who access the Safe Parking Program, Migrant Family Shelter, and Corner Market. Six other nonprofits — like the Serra Mesa Food Pantry and Children’s Initiative — pick up a portion of the rescued food to support their clients as well. This vital program not only reduces food insecurity within our community, but it also eliminates thousands of pounds of food waste each year. Take a look at the video below to see how a Starbucks sandwich makes it’s way from the store and into the hands of someone experiencing hunger.

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