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Summary: JFS Takes Legal Action To Protect Asylum Seekers

Since January 2019, the government has trapped over 60,000 individuals seeking asylum in life-threatening conditions in Mexico under the Migrant Protection Protocols (“MPP” or more commonly known as “Remain in Mexico”). With more than a 98% deportation rate for individuals seeking asylum over the last 20 months, the Remain in Mexico policy strips asylum-seekers of the ability, power, and critical information they need to seek asylum in our country. Asylum-seekers have one chance to make their cases, often with life or death consequences.

Today, JFS proudly serves as an organizational plaintiff in the lawsuit, Immigrant Defenders Law Center, Jewish Family Service of San Diego, et al. v. Wolf to challenge the continued implementation of the MPP program and the deprivation of counsel associated with the program and ensure meaningful access to the U.S. asylum system by asylum seekers and their counsel.

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Nicholas: Asylum Seeker Represented by JFS

Welcoming The Stranger

With your support, JFS has been able to “Welcome the Stranger” for over the last 102 years. And, today, this critical work continues with our legal team fighting on the frontlines in court on behalf of asylum-seekers fleeing persecution and fighting to have their day in court to be heard.

Your support is vital to our continued work.

The JFS Immigration Legal Team has prioritized providing representation to the most vulnerable individuals and families forcibly returned to Mexico. By the numbers, here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  • Represented 96 individuals put into Remain in Mexico.
  • Provided pro se legal assistance over 600 individuals formerly in MPP who were granted entry into the U.S. and access to JFS Respite Shelter Assistance.
  • Conducted 573 consultations through the MPP WhatsApp international hotline.
  • Conducted over 20 in-court “Know Your Rights” presentations.
  • Invested over 70 hours of staff time to record and update online “Know Your Rights” presentations hosted on YouTube to reach asylum-seekers in Mexico.