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Better communication. More cooperation. Less stress for the family. It all starts with Positive Parenting!

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You want the best for your family—to set your children up for success and create a happier family life. But raising kids isn’t always easy—especially during challenging times. The Positive Parenting Program can help! Used by millions of families worldwide, Positive Parenting will help you learn to better manage your child’s behavior, build positive relationships, and reduce stress for the entire family.

In our free online 3-part series, you will join other parents in learning proven strategies backed by over 35 years of scientific research presented by experienced parent educators. The three-webinar series covers topics to help your child become a better listener, a better cooperator, a better problem solver, and much more.  Research shows that 97% of parents using the strategies shared see improvement in their child’s behavior. After successful conclusion of the three-part webinar series, you’ll receive tip sheets for all three Seminars and a Certificate of Completion.

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Series 27 (English)
November 30, December 7, and 14  |  6:00–7:30pm
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Happier families. Better relationships. Successful children.

It all starts with Positive Parenting!

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Series 27 (English)
November 30, December 7, and 14  |  6:00–7:30pm
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It Really Works

Whether you’re dealing with the big, small, or one-off problems that come with raising kids, the Positive Parenting Program can help you. Our online courses will support you with:

  • Raising happy, confident kids
  • Managing behavior
  • Building a foundation for your kid to do well in school
  • Creating a positive environment
  • Encouraging positive behavior
  • Setting family rules and routines
  • Feeling confident that you’re doing the right thing

Learn about the JFS Positive Parenting Program:

“I felt very supported during this isolation time, I got the help I needed and now I can say, I am more confident. Thank you to this program and my teacher.”

Online Seminar  participant

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