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Jewish Community Integrated Services

Connecting the Jewish Community to Dedicated Care and Support

I don’t have enough to pay my rent this month. I’m worried about getting evicted. Is there rental assistance available?

My stress and anxiety grow every day as I try to balance work and overseeing my kids’ virtual school schedule. Who can I talk to?

Even while stretching my budget, I don’t have enough for groceries by the end of the month. Where can I find help with getting food?

I’m having a hard time. Everything is so overwhelming. I don’t even know where to start. Where can I turn for support?

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We are living in challenging and unprecedented times. You are not alone.

The Jewish Community Integrated Services is a resource for individuals and families in the Jewish community who need assistance during these challenging times. We know that navigating the network of resources in San Diego can feel overwhelming.

Our professional Resource Navigators will work with you to understand your needs, identify which resources at JFS and in the community can best provide assistance, and partner on a plan to support you on your journey to greater stability. We know not all community members will recover from this health pandemic and financial crisis on the same schedule or at the same pace. And, we know that for many people in our community, asking for help is new, uncomfortable, and intimidating. Let’s talk and address your immediate needs and discover how we can partner to help you move forward.

Take the Next Step

Connect with our Jewish Community Resource Navigators at (858) 637-3018 or by email at [email protected]rg.

What services are offered?

Our Jewish Community Resource Navigators always begin by listening to understand where you are right now and then partner with you to develop an individualized plan to address your immediate needs and long-term goals for emotional and financial stability. Your plan may include:

  • Identifying & Coordinating Resources and Referrals: From food and transportation resources, to government benefits, to domestic violence support, parenting support and more, we educate, guide and connect you with resources at JFS and in the broader community.
  • Financial Assistance: Providing direct emergency financial assistance to meet your most pressing needs, including food, hygiene items, medical/health, and rental assistance.
  • No-Interest Loans: JFS partners with Hebrew Free Loan San Diego to connect you with loan programs for small business, education, emergency expenses, and much more.
  • Employment Coaching: Soft skills coaching to assist job seekers, including resume review, interview preparation, job search strategies, and more.
  • Coping & Mental Health: Coaching on coping strategies to manage anxiety and stress and navigating mental health care resources.

With regular check-ins to see how you’re doing and whether you need additional support, we’re here to support you on your journey to greater well-being.

Who is eligible?

San Diego adults who identify as Jewish,

have a member of the household who identifies as Jewish, or

professionals working in local Jewish organizations.

Take the Next Step

Connect with our Jewish Community Resource Navigators at (858) 637-3018 or by email at [email protected].


With Generous Support from the San Diego Jewish Community COVID-19 Emergency Fund.