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Jewish Family Service Statement RE: Federal Administration’s Immigration Halt

From CEO Michael Hopkins

The federal administration announced its plan to immediately halt immigration to the U.S. by temporarily barring the issuance of new green cards.

As an immigration legal services provider dedicated to educating and advocating for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, Jewish Family Service of San Diego (JFS) stands firmly against this decision. Halting any form of immigration to our nation is reprehensible and detrimental – both to the economy and community in San Diego County, as well as the U.S. overall.

At a time when we should be working together as nation, this serves as a reminder that this administration can always reach new lows and does not have American values, tradition or the Constitution as the foundation for its actions.

In carrying out the tradition of “Welcoming the Stranger,” JFS affirms its Jewish values and honors the United States’ history as a nation established by refugees and built by generations of immigrants. We have seen first-hand how immigrants strengthen our social fabric and make San Diego – and our country – more prosperous and competitive in a changing world.

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