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Asylum Granted and A Brighter Tomorrow Ahead

“I will never be able to repay you for everything you’ve done for us. It’s very emotional because I thought it wasn’t going to happen.” – Marta*

After fleeing political persecution in Venezuela, Marta and three of her four boys traveled to Texas to seek asylum. She hoped to reconnect with her eldest son who had already begun the asylum process in the U.S. DHS detained the four of them at the border, separated Marta from her 19-year old son, sent her and her two youngest boys to San Diego for processing, and then forced them to remain in Mexico for seven months. Marta was scared — she didn’t know anyone in Tijuana and had no way to support her family. She contacted JFS through our MPP WhatsApp hotline and our immigration team worked tirelessly to represent her. After many court appearances, Marta and her boys were granted asylum and have a new country to call home. This is what it’s all about — strengthening families, changing lives, and building a brighter tomorrow.

*name changed for confidentiality