Moving Forward Together

Advocacy Fellowship

Connect with like-minded peers and be a voice for change in our community

Join a bright and passionate group of young professionals engaged in advocacy on behalf of San Diego’s most vulnerable children, families, and older adults. In collaboration with community leaders and elected officials, we drive policy initiatives that address the root causes of our community’s most pressing concerns. Fellows are between the ages of 22 – 45 years old.


Alumni of our nationally-recognized Fellowship go on to serve as board members and community activists working to create inclusive university campuses, a safer California for older adults, and a better San Diego for all of us.

  • Enhance your leadership skills through joint initiatives with community leaders to influence local policy
  • Strengthen your knowledge of advocacy and the legislative process
  • Learn how to effectively frame and deploy your message
  • Build relationships with state elected officials both locally and through a trip to the State Capitol in Sacramento
  • Become a topic expert on an issue selected by you and your cohort
  • Represent the San Diego delegation within the Jewish caucus


Protecting our Seniors — along with the Jewish Caucus & Senator Marty Block, the first Fellowship cohort focused on advocating for the safety of California seniors living in community-based group homes (called Residential Centers For the Elderly, or RCFE’s). Inspired by personal stories among the group, the cohort successfully championed a package of sweeping reforms of senior care, including additional staff training, increased liability insurance requirements for providers, and additional statewide oversight. Thousands of California seniors are safer thanks to this incredible advocacy work!

University Campus Climate — Jewish students across California experience anti-Semitism, whether in the blatant imagery of graffiti swastikas, or in the Boycott, Divestment, & Sanctions movement that seeks to delegitimize Israel. Fellows in the 2015 cohort lobbied legislators within the Jewish Caucus and the Higher Education Committee of the California Assembly to address anti-Semitism on California university campuses. Alumni continue to work with community organizations on a first-time initiative to establish data on the prevalence of anti-Semitic incidents on California university campuses. These alumni hope to use this data to persuade legislators in the future of the need for oversight, legislation, and other mechanisms to create a more harmonious, tolerant university experience for students across California.


  • Attend all 6 sessions, including the day trip to Sacramento
  • Cover your own costs for air transportation to and from Sacramento (financial assistance may be available)
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to use leadership skills to contribute to ongoing advocacy efforts with sponsoring organizations post-fellowship

“ With the new Advocacy Fellowship, the next generation of San Diegans now has its own vehicle to speak out, to lead and to act for equality, justice, and the need to repair our world. We have much work to do, and your participation is welcome and needed.”

— Senator Marty Block


Contact us to learn about current policy initiatives and opportunities to get involved.