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Mar 22 2019

Facebook Watch: Real America with Jorge Ramos

We’ve seen the video of migrant families huddled at the border seeking asylum, but what happens when they reach the other side? Paola Mendoza, an activist and film director, introduces us to the San Diego Rapid Response Network’s shelter which is helping families take their first steps towards a new life.

Mar 9 2019


CNN follows Gov. Newsom as he tours the migrant shelter that now has funding from the state.

Mar 6 2019

The New York Jewish Week

The New York Jewish Week explains the involvement of JFS in providing humanitarian help to asylum-seekers.

Feb 25 2019


KUSI News story on how the SDRRN migrant shelter helps asylum-seekers in San Diego.

Feb 21 2019


Jean Guerrero’s story for KPBS on a Nicaraguan mother seeking asylum in San Diego with her four children.

Feb 14 2019

Times of San Diego

Times of San Diego story on Nathan Fletcher’s response to Gov. Newsom’s emergency funding bill.

Feb 14 2019


Jean Guerrero’s written story for KPBS from her shelter visit this week.

Feb 14 2019

Voice of San Diego

Voice of San Diego and NBC 7 San Diego’s “San Diego Explained” story on the asylum process, including an interview with Kate.

Feb 12 2019

Fox 5 San Diego, Times of San Diego, San Diego Jewish World

The “Smart Giving, Smart Chicken” Holiday Challenge Helps Families Struggling with Food Insecurity.

Jan 29 2019

Multiple Outlets

Read the coverage surrounding the County Board of Supervisors vote to use a County-owned facility as a temporary migrant shelter to house legal, initially processed asylum-seeking families.

Jan 24 2019


An interview with Dr. Morgan Shaw, speaker at our Behavioral Health Committee discussion where we will screen the documentary, “Resilience: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope”.

Jan 24 2019

Vox Media – Consider It

The shelter we run as part of the San Diego Rapid Response Network (SDRRN) is featured in look at how changes in immigration policy are leaving asylum seekers stranded.

Jan 22 2019


Affected by government shutdown? Special food assistance hours every Tuesday until shutdown ends.

Jan 18 2019

San Diego Union Tribune

A photo-essay look at the shelter we run as part of the San Diego Rapid Response Network (SDRRN).

Jan 16 2019

ABC 10 - San Diego

Many government workers are hurting due to the shutdown. JFS has started special food assistance hours.

Jan 14 2019

ABC 10 - San Diego

In their Making it in San Diego series, ABC explores how our Safe Parking Program is a safety net when seniors fall into homelessness.

Jan 9 2019

Voice of San Diego

Over the last year, Mayor Kevin Faulconer and other city leaders dramatically increased city spending to aid homeless San Diegans. Jewish Family Service’s Safe Parking Program is one of the program showing positive impact.

Nov 29 2018

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Newsom says stranded migrants need more help from all levels of government.

Nov 27 2018

The New York Times

The process time for asylum-seekers is contributing to the problem.

Oct 22 2018

The San Diego Union-Tribune

The Grossmont Healthcare District announced support for the JFS Foodmobile program with $40,000 in assistance.

Oct 16 2018

The San Diego Union-Tribune

For caregivers hungering for some help with meals, there are a multitude of programs and services throughout San Diego County that will deliver or provide meals that are tailored to seniors’ nutritional needs.

Sep 26 2018

ABC 10 - San Diego

Two La Jolla dentists donate their time and talent to return a smile to an 82-year-old Holocaust survivor in our Serving Older Survivors program.

Sep 13 2018

ABC 10 - San Diego

In their Making it in San Diego series, ABC explores the County-wide effort to create a more age-friendly community for the growing number of older adults in San Diego.

Aug 21 2018

ABC 10 - San Diego

In their “Making It In San Diego” segment, ABC investigates the high cost of living in San Diego and how the Hand Up Food Pantry at JFS helps enlisted military.

Aug 21 2018

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Falls have a notorious snowball effect on an older person’s health. A broken hip, for example, can lead to a hospital stay that could then spiral into multiple complications.

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