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2020 Safe Parking Encinitas Report

About The Safe Parking Program

Every night, JFS operates a Safe Parking Program for unsheltered San Diegans living out of their vehicles, many of whom are experiencing homelessness for the first time. The Safe Parking Program provides a welcoming environment, meaningful resources, and dignified support to help individuals and families transition back into permanent housing. With holistic services focused on basic needs assistance, and resource connections to: employment, family wellness, school success, financial education, credit repair, and housing, our goal is to create a pathway out of homelessness while being a support to people where they are now.

Who are the people in the Safe Parking Program?
The people we assist are often experiencing homelessness for the first time, including: veterans, older adults (over the age of 55), college students, and families with young children. Most people in the Safe Parking Program have a source of income, have a job or are looking for work, and need assistance to get themselves and their family back on their feet and into a home. The program is designed to interrupt the downward spiral of homelessness for individuals and families who are working hard to return to living in a place of their own. A majority of our clients struggle with housing affordability, often due to the loss of a job, medical hardship, reduction in work hours, or any other unexpected financial challenge.

Examples of the people who have benefited from Safe Parking Program lots, like the one proposed, include: 

  • Older adults living on a fixed income who cannot afford their rent
  • Community college students trying to make ends meet, while prioritizing their education
  • Families who have fallen on hard times due to an unanticipated medical bill or loss of a job and need assistance connecting to resources
  • Recently transitioned veterans who are struggling to navigate their next steps and find a new job

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2020 Utilization Rates of Safe Parking Program Encinitas

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