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Mother and son from BurmaThere are more than 14 million refugees worldwide—people who have been forced to leave their own countries, due to persecution. People whose own homes have become a place of fear and danger. People who have seen political upheaval, instability, war, terror, and in some cases have experienced kidnappings, torture, and had loved ones murdered. People who have lost everything they’ve ever known, have left behind friends and family members.

Since our beginning in 1918, we’ve offered resettlement services to newly arriving refugees and asylees from around the world. Today, our Refugee Resettlement department case-manages approximately 45 people each month. We help them adjust to their new lives here in the U.S. We help them learn English Burmese family working with case managerand find jobs. We teach them how to navigate the medical system, banks, and public transportation. We provide: a fully furnished apartment, airport pick up, acculturation services, translation/ESL services, employment services, advocacy, and more.

In the past year, JFS has resettled more than 240 political refugees in San Diego—and the number grows each year. When we pick them up from the airport, they have only their memories, their fears, and a bag of belongings. They are ready to start from scratch, in a foreign country, with new customs and traditions, and a new language. They are new Americans—our next wave of American citizens.

For more information about Refugee & Immigration Services, call (858) 637-3030 or email.

Programs and Services

 Administrative Relief Services – Temporary protection against deportation: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA).

Citizenship & Naturalization Services – We complete and send the N-400 (application for Citizenship) or N-600 (application for Citizen Certification), as well as offer classes to prepare for the Citizenship Interview, English and Civics tests.

Employment & Job Placement Services - JFS offers resettlement services, including employment case management and assistance, to legally-authorized individuals from around the world.

Immigration Services - We offer help applying for green cards, replacing missing immigration documents, applying for work authorizations and refugee travel documents, and petitioning for family members.

Prins Asylum Program - We offer pro-bono legal assistance for qualified individuals who are seeking protection in the United States from persecution.

Refugee Reception & Placement
 - When a newly arrived refugee family arrives to the United States, we pick them up from the airport, place them in a fully furnished apartment, and immediately begin acculturation services to help them adjust to life here.

Volunteering with Refugee & Immigration Services - You can help welcome immigrants and refugees to the United States through a variety of volunteer opportunities. For information on volunteering with Immigration Services, please contact Celeste Caton at 858-637-3024 or For information on volunteering with Refugee Resettlement, please contact Jessica Marin at 858-637-3366 or jessicam@jfssd.orgStart the application process today>>

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