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Jewish Family Service Condemns Reinstating Family Detentions

Jewish Family Service of San Diego Statement Re: Reinstating Family Detentions

From Michael Hopkins, CEO

The Biden Administration’s consideration to reinstate family detentions — a practice it openly rejected throughout the campaign trail — is an abhorrent betrayal of its commitments to rebuild our nation’s broken immigration system and implement compassionate, humane policies.

As a legal and humanitarian services provider that has been dedicated to working on behalf of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers for the past 105 years, Jewish Family Service of San Diego (JFS) condemns any considerations or actions that would further harm vulnerable migrant families and individuals seeking safety and security in the U.S.

Through our work, we have seen firsthand and heard countless reports of how cruel and inhumane the conditions in these detention facilities can be. To force any person, let alone a child, to endure these conditions is reprehensible.

This latest news, combined with the Administration’s recent proposal to enact an asylum ban, completely contradicts the promises that were made when President Biden took office. We demand the Administration reconsider and put an immediate end to both proposed actions.

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JFS and our partners in the San Diego Rapid Response Network are committed to continuing service on behalf of migrants, including providing respite shelter for asylum-seeking families, free legal services and education in response to ongoing immigration emergencies, and more.

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